Paul Rudd Predicted The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win A Year Ago


As Ant-Man, Paul Rudd may not have killed Thanos in the way that Marvel fans disgustingly predicted that he would do, but the ageless actor still might be able to see the future. Or maybe Scott Lang actually did a productive thing with a time machine after all. Move over, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark!

Okay, all of this might be considered a stretch on the way to the “prediction,” but let’s go with it. First, though, here’s lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan Rudd knowing how to celebrate a Super Bowl win. The Ant-Man star was caught on camera by Fox Sports while hugging MVP Patrick Mahomes following the Chiefs’ win against the San Francisco 49ers at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

And here’s a flashback to one year ago with the Living With Yourself star speaking selfie-style to a camera following the Chiefs’ loss in the AFC Championship game in 2019. “We’re gonna get ’em next year,” Rudd insisted. “We got a heck of a quarterback.”

The comments to that tweet were not kind, of course, given that the Chiefs hadn’t gone to the Super Bowl since 1970. Many folks suggested that Rudd was butthurt over his team’s loss, and so on. Well, Rudd didn’t listen to any of them. A few weeks ago, he and Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet doubled down by further predicting that the Chiefs would advance to this year’s big game. Here’s a Facebook video from the Score.

Rudd, who was born in New Jersey and spent his formative years in Overland Park, Kansas and the surrounding area, was clearly thrilled to see the Chiefs bring it home on Sunday night. Presumably as well, Rudd is very aware that the Chiefs are based in Missouri, unlike a certain sitting president out there.


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