Pakistani Channel claims Muslim ghosts are jamming JCBs at Ayodhya


Pakistan is called a ‘Parody Country’ and they justify the tag every day. After months of sabre-rattling over Jammu and Kashmir, issuing daily threats and their Prime Minister begging for Roti, money and attention from almost every country in the world, they now have put their faith upon ghosts.

A video, shared on 3 February by a Pakistani News Channel called ‘Khabar Gaam’ has claimed that Modi government in India recently tried to send JCB machines to construct the Ram Mandir at the site where Babri Masjid was demolished, the machines were jammed by ghosts and ‘unseen forces’.

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The clip further claims that Modi sarkar then sent a group of Hindu priests to fight with the ghosts but the priests could do nothing. It further says when the Indian government installed CCTV cameras to check the paranormal activities at the site, they were shocked to see the ghosts.

The very confident news anchor then claims that the ghosts were the spirits of the Muslims who were killed during the Babri demolition by Hindus in 1992. She asserts that the spirits of the Muslim persons are haunting the sites and are not allowing any kind of construction activity to happen.

To prove its point, the video shows the picture of a JCB machine removing some debris near a garbage truck with with ‘Sukha Kachra’ (dry waste) written on it, at the middle of urban buildings that is nowhere near the Ram Janmabhoomi site in Ayodhya.

Pakistani news channel claims this is the Ram Janmabhoomi site in Ayodhya

not stopping there, the news bulletin went ahead to proclaim that the Modi government is now afraid of anti-CAA protests that are taking place all over India.

Just when one starts thinking that maybe the entertainment is over, we hear that after Sunny Deol, Undertaker, and Navjot Sidhu, now Sanjay Dutt has also ‘challenged’ the government of India. We are totally shocked. Nobody cares what Navjot Sidhu does, but did we miss the news on Sunny Deol? Because last we heard, he was still very much a BJP MP and was seen in the Parliament, attending the budget session.

As for Sanjay Dutt, the video claims that he had stated that India in on the path of ‘destruction’ and the SC judgement (awarding the Ayodhya title suit to Ram Janmabhoomi) could have been easily bought by influencing judges. Perhaps our Pakistani friends do not realise how big an irony it will be for Sanjay Dutt to criticise judges and courts.

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The news clip adds another name that the Modi government is allegedly afraid of. It is reportedly a Punjabi artist named ‘Babbu Mann’. We don’t know who he is so we cannot comment on how scary he can be.

Pakistani PM and his assortment of ministers have been a favourite of Indian social media users. With their ‘satellite internet’ claims for Jammu and Kashmir to weeks of howling and whining over Article 370 abrogation that has managed to achieve absolutely nothing apart from wasting their money, they are now exploring supernatural avenues. Perhaps Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi, with her pet jinns and supernatural powers, is now taking an active interest in Pakistani media and its content.

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