Pakistan minister celebrates exit polls predicting AAP winning Delhi polls


The Delhi elections concluded yesterday and the exit polls give a landslide majority to Aam Admi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal. While the Exit polls show that BJP may improve its tally, AAP has been predicted to be the clear winner in the state. The Congress, just like in 2015, is unlikely to win any seat in the 70-member Delhi assembly.

Pakistan, which has developed an annoying habit of poking its nose in India’s internal matters, has once again started celebrating the probable win for AAP. Pakistan’s Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry, who has umpteen number of times taken to Twitter to expose his buffoonery, on Saturday, rejoiced at the Delhi exit poll results which projected AAP victory. He apparently appeared ecstatic over the defeat of “extremist regime”.

To hold up a mirror to the terror-financing Pakistan, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra gave a reply to Chaudhry saying that Pakistan attacking BJP was like ‘terrorists calling names’.

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But one cannot expect anything more from this dull-witted Pakistani Minister who finds it difficult to hold back from poking his face into India’s internal matters, especially when it is to do with Modi.

Last year, Choudhury Fawad Hussain rued the fact that Rahul Gandhi did not win the 2019 elections and instead, Prime Minister Modi is running the country.

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Fawad Hussain tweeted, “Had you been a leader and a man enough would have taken a just stand on #Pulwama Today world would have been better sans #ModiMadness Your coward politics allowed India to become a prey of Fascism and Extremism”.

Fawad Hussain had said that Rahul Gandhi was a coward to not take a “just” stand on Pulwama. Interestingly, several people from within the Congress party had floated the theory that Pulwama was not perpetrated by Pakistan backed terrorists but was an “inside job” by the Modi government. This was also a stand vehemently peddled by parody nation Pakistan to shield itself after sending state-sponsored terrorists to bleed India.

Besides, displaying the deliberation of meddling in India’s internal matters, Fawad Chaudhary has time and again displayed that his IQ level is beyond redemption as for more than once now he has turned out to be the favourite bunny of Indian social media activists.

Umpteen number of times in the past, Hussain has regaled users on Twitter and those attending his rallies. The low IQ Pakistani minister had fallen for pranks many times. Indian Right Wing meme-makers have time and again played pranks on the poor Pakistani minister.

Even in his own country, Fawad Choudhry often becomes the butt of jokes and insults. A fellow parliamentarian had once called him a dog that was tied in his house inside the national assembly.

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