Owen Farrell says Murrayfield conditions among the worst of his career


Owen Farrell reveals the conditions as England beat Scotland at Murrayfield in the Six Nations were some of the worst of his Test career 

  • England defeated Scotland 13-6 in a closely fought game at Murrayfield
  • The conditions were atrocious, with rain and wind playing havoc with the ball
  • There were plenty of mistakes, and England capitalised on them the best 

England captain Owen Farrell revealed the conditions the team’s suffered at Murrayfield yesterday were some of the worst of his Test career.

The stadium was buffeted by winds of up to 30 mph and teeming rain as Storm Ciara, which has led to trains on Sunday from Edinburgh being cancelled, made its entrance and made ball handling difficult.

England’s kicking game stood up to the task but high balls were dropped, Farrell’s goal-kicking went awry and punts sailed out on the full.

Conditions were bad at Murrayfield, making it a tough day for the kickers from both teams

Stuart Hogg’s handling error led to a scrum which England scored from shortly after

And the skipper admitted he had rarely played in weather like in international rugby but praised his team’s ability to adapt.

He said: ‘I have definitely played in games like that before – maybe not as gusty as it was here today – but probably not as many at international level. 

‘It is a bit more rare that you get that type of weather especially in the big stadiums that you play in at internationals. A bit more happens in club rugby – everybody has played in it before and I though people adapted well.

‘It was pretty clear for everyone to see that it was pretty wet and windy. It was gusty which is probably why you saw a lot of balls go out on the full which you wouldn’t normally see happen.

‘I felt it was a good performance – our attitude was where it needed to be today in the weather that presented itself. It was tough, everyone could see that. It was unpredictable so for us to stick at it for 80 minutes was good.’ 

Farrell lifts the Calcutta Cup, as he reveals the conditions were some of the worst of his career

Scotland captain Stuart Hogg mistake when he let the ball bobble over the line lead to the 5m scrum from which Ellis Genge scored the game breaker. It was Hogg’s second high-profile error in as many weeks after he dropped the ball over the try line in the act of scoring against Ireland last week.

He said: ‘It was a huge chance for us to exit and get down the right end.

‘Unfortunately the ball just didn’t sit up and it was tough to take. I put the boys under a wee bit of pressure and, unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get out of it.

‘I’ll take that on my shoulders, take it on the chin and be in a position to say I made a mistake.’ The Scots were feeling the heat by then but their captain was frozen.

He added: I had to jump in shower straight after game because I was freezing.’

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