Our Favorite Gunda: Deep Secrets Of Arjun Kapoor


Bollywood may be a world of glamour, but it isn’t the world of our dreams. If we carefully look at it, it’s just a tiny town that is full of deep and dark secrets of celebrities around whom our worlds round up. One such star is Arjun Kapoor, his life may also be like a dream come true but his life is also full of uncovered secrets. In one way or the other, he has been a part of major controversies that keep him in the headlines. From his affairs to his work, his fans keep an eye on his every move, so hiding isn’t really an option for them.

So with that let’s have a look at the deepest secrets of the Punjabi Munda of Bollywood industry.

1. Alcoholism

This star kid who has been basking for success for quite a time has been well known for his alcoholic nature. After the release and success of his film “Half Girlfriend”, he went partying with his friends and then the other thing we know is that he presented a bill to his film producer of Rs. 1 Lakh for drinking. This sparked controversy against him, but then he shut down that news and stated these facts to be completely based on false ground.

2. Secret affair with Sonakshi Sinha

While shooting for the film “Tevar” Arjun Kapoor started having a certain fondness for his leading lady Sonakshi Sinha. It is well known that they dated for quite a time but the two clearly hid their relationship and never acknowledged it in public. They made some headlines as well but after some time things went off and he started dating Malaika Arora.

3. Legal notice by BMC

After Kapil Sharma’s growing controversy over his illegal construction in Mumbai, many other reputed actors also fell under the notice of Bombay Municipal Corporation. One such actor was Arjun Kapoor too, he was slapped with a legal notice for some illegal construction on his Juhu property. Things started heating after then but now the case has cooled down.

4. Late-night calls to Kareena

During “Ki and Ka”, Arjun started calling Kareena at odd hours to discuss one thing or the other which Saif clearly disliked. So during one such call, Saif himself answered the call and shared his views on that matter. He told Arjun to stop calling at odd hours and keep the matter of shoot till the set only.

5. Arjun Kapoor is no more welcomed at Salman Khan’s house

Salman Khan has not only helped Arjun Kapoor with his films and physique but has also helped him emotionally when his mother passed away. But when Arjun Kapoor started dating Malaika Arora, things went off between him and his guardian angel. In the past, he had already dated Arpita Khan and when things escalated quickly between him and Malaika, he did not seem so pleased with the situation and broke things off with both Arjun and Boney Kapoor. Boney Kapoor faced a heavy financial loss due to it.

6. On Ranbir’s advice, Arjun broke up with his girlfriend

Arjun Kapoor himself revealed that when he went to Ranbir Kapoor for relationship advice, things did not go well and he had to break up with his girlfriend at that time. He confessed about this in one of Koffee with Karan’s episode.


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