Opera becomes the first major browser to integrate Crypto Domain Extension


Opera now offers users access to decentralized web pages through a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, a technology company backed by prominent Bitcoin (BTC) attorney Tim Draper.

The collaboration includes Opera integration of the Unstoppable Domain .crypto domain extension. This allows users of the browser to browse decentralized websites and make cryptocurrency payments.

As the announcement further explains, blockchain domains are stored by the owner rather than by registering companies, and decentralized websites are stored on peer-to-peer networks, not cloud services. This makes it possible to conduct transactions without avoiding intermediary and censorship.

Unstoppable Domains said the development will affect the speed of the internet connection, as a distributed network is more robust over time, has much better uptime, and will reduce the risk of incidents such as DDoS attacks.

Unstoppable Domains noted that while decentralized domains can help people avoid publisher censorship, they do little to help viewers in jurisdictions dealing with censorship, surveillance, and anonymization:

“As with the current Internet, users should use VPNs or a similar tool when faced with these kinds of problems. Decentralized websites solve a user’s ability to publish – it is on the publishing side rather than the display side. At this time, you cannot publish with a traditional domain registrar if you are in a place that restricts freedom of expression. While you could with decentralized website tools. It is therefore about the publication and not about the viewing. “

The development apparently marks the first time that a regular browser integrates a domain that is not part of the traditional domain name system. Last October, Opera also became the first major browser to allow payments with Bitcoin (BTC) to be made directly in the browser.

Meanwhile, Unstoppable Domains has rolled out its own blockchain-based browser to simplify access to the decentralized web. Unstoppable Domains websites are stored in a user’s wallet, while content is stored on the InterPlanetary File System or other decentralized storage networks.

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