‘One Way To Tomorrow’ Review and Ending Explained: What to Expect From this Netflix Film?


‘One Way To Tomorrow’  is the perfect example of good cinema. We haved moved past flashy locations and over the top scenarios. The nuances of brilliant storytelling are what make this film make a home run. Two strangers sit on a train, unknown to themselves that their fate would change. An awkward conversation ignites a romantic flame. Two flawed characters embark on a journey to embrace the scars they carry and move along after embracing their own insecurities.


‘One Way Tomorrow’ Review

The beauty of a film always lies on its portrayal of narratives. Any film has a plot but how the plot is put across is what draws you towards it. ‘One Way Tomorrow’, has skillfully divided its narrative into eight parts. Each part marks a milestone that the two characters embark on during a relationship. Each of them has had a toxic past that makes their toes curl but it is all about moving past those haunting memories and creating a better present.

The dialogues of the characters are simplistic yet have that raw energy within them. The characters hold the attention of the audience and tells the tale of the two characters who are trying to let go of their past. The film also showcases a third person omniscient point of view that gives the perspective of an outsider. The plot is simple but woven together by brilliant performances.

Initially, ‘One Way To Tomorrow’ has a slow pace but it gradually picks it up and how! The film’s rising action keeps you hooked as you watch the characters lives fuse together and gives the storyline a whole new perspective. The emotional support that these characters give one another is what builds up the story and the plot delves much deeper.

The struggles at the beginning of the story keep you to hooked but the twist midway sort off kills the whole vibe. But the brilliance of storytelling lies in this movie. When Ali and Layla step out of the train, for the first time they have actually stepped out of their moulds of pain and distress to witness the outside world.

‘One Way to Tomorrow’ flows so well and makes it a must watch. The dialogues are magical and so well put together that the chemistry shared between our characters seems so magical.

‘One Way to Tomorrow’ Ending Explained

The best way to drown sorrows and surely the most sought after is booze. The last few shots of the film show us how our characters indulge in alcohol to let go of what haunts them. This is probably the first time they ever gave one another an opportunity to love what surrounds them. Ali and Layla take a train ride. Ali finally embraces the moments his spends with Layla rather than worrying about the future and Layla soaks in every moment she has with Ali. They end up making love.

On reaching their destination, Urla, Ali and Layla decide against attending the wedding. They go their own ways with the hope ignited in their hearts that they will meet again. Leyla, recovers before anticipated. She holds on to Ali. They catch up with one another and give into an involuntary dance sequence which they have choreographed while drunk out of their wits.

But what makes the ending different from every other romantic film is that Ali and Leyla don’t promise one another a perfect future. They agree to accept themselves and one another along with the baggage of their past. But it is all about giving one another a chance they deserve. But their growth is in the fact that they learnt to accept their present and live in it rather than scratching their heads about an unpredictable future. Leyla realizes that what she and Ali share with one another could be a onetime thing and never happen again. She comes to the conclusion that she has take her chances without holding the reins of her future.


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