One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers: Issue 990 titled ‘Isolated Power’ to release on September 13 2020

One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers

One Piece is one of the longest-running Manga and series. One Piece Chapter 990 is about to release on Sunday, September 13, 2020, and there would be a break before One Piece releases the next chapter. Check out all the spoilers of the upcoming Issue 990 here.

  • Title: “isolated Power” “Lola and Siffon remember what bigmon used to tell them about their father, and how many times she used to kick him, so they believed that he’s their father left him climb the roofs to the ship”
  • Sasaki is free now and thats because of the effects of the Big Mom attack that destroyed the tree, where he was chained,
  • the minks crushed Kaido forces and attacked Jack who was covered with wounds, but even that Jack was still able to fight and dropped many of the mink.
  • kinemon saw that and tried to go attack jack but inuarashi and nekomamushi stopped him,
  • and then Both of them transfered to their Solong form , and it seems that Jack sensed their frightening aura.
  • The scene changrd to the stage floor, where we see that the King stopped the search for Yamato and ordered the Flying six to return to the castle in order to stop any attempt by the enemies to go to the roofs where Kaido
  • King adds that due to the changes and what happend, the previous challenge between the Six Birds and the disasters has been cancelled
  • The scene changes to Hawkins, who had signs of injury, and sits in the same room with Drake He told him that he knew Hawkins forced him to join the Kaido group, and if he wanted to betray them, now would be the right time to do so.
  • Hawkins reads his cards and says the chance of someone staying until tomorrow is 1%
  • Ulti was reunited with her brother Page One
  • The rest of the flying six appeared that they all have received King’s message and began moving as ordered
  • who’s who, who appears in Drake’s room, asks Drake to come and help him because “it will be difficult to handle this himself.” Drake asks him what he means
  • Who’s Who: This is a good opportunity, isn’t it? I will take advantage of it and kill the man I want to kill. Let’s go to Queen.
  • Drake asks him why he hates Queen so much that he wants to have an internal fight with Queen at this time while they are heading to Queen.
  • Returning to the main stage, the samurai crushes the Kaido subordinates, but then the Ninja squad appeared to fight them,
  • but Fukurojo, their leader, turns his back on the battle and heads to anothpr place.
  • The samurai try to attack the numers to make it easy way for the Straw Hat crew,
  • saying they should provide their strength for the battle of Kaido.
  • Two of the Numbers attacked the samurai with their weapons, but Zoro cut one’s weapon in half while Jinbe stopped the other with one hand.
  • Luffy: OZ-sized enemies? In the past, that required a whole crew to bring down one of these, but we are different now.
  • Luffy uses his fourth gear and attacks the Numbers while Hyougoro remembers a scene similar to this bravery.
  • The scene moves and it appears that Drake is being beaten and blood on his face and surrounded by Queen and Hawkins and who’s who then discovered that he is the person who everyone wants to WI!
  • Sappears that Citeen was notified by someone, that he had seen Drake release Law from prison,
  • Hawkins also says he suspects Drake is the only one who can do that.
  • They ask Drake to whom he works and what his goal is?
  • Drake thinks there’s no way they surrounded him and now He cannot run anywhere and he cannot return to Navy row But then he remembers what Kobe told him about Luffy and thinks there is still hope.
  • Drake jumps on the stage and cuts one of the numbers with a Special Attack.
  • While Luffy attacked the other number with “King Kung” technique
  • Drake sees Luffy and announces that he has separated from the Kaido crew and that he is now a separate force.
  • Qrake: Please let me join you Luffy: Oh, yeah one @FreddieTaro
  • Luffy: Eeeeh! Chapter ends here


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