One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers Raw Scans and Potential Release Date Revealed?


One Piece in its potentially Volume 100, which is a great achievement for any shounen manga. This week on July 4, One Piece Chapter 1018 was released. The chapter is titled ‘Jinbei vs Who’s Who’, and features a massive twist. This article will reveal all the raws, spoilers, and the theories related to this volume of One Piece.

As we know, the Straw Hats are in vicious fight with Kaidou. Luffy is gravely injured and is out of the action. Yamato is fighting her father figure, and Kaidou has promised to go all out and finish her off. Yamato wants to join the Straw Hats and is certain that she will somehow make it. But, she is grievously injured and seems to be in a lot of trouble. In this moment of crisis one person arrives.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Raw Scans and Spoilers

  • The 300 Gifters are seen betraying Kaidou on the Live Floor.
  • Kaidou went from morally grey to downright villainous now.
  • Daifugou is here, he rescues Nami,Yamato and Usopp. This is unexpected, and an amazing panel to read.
  • Zeus, the underdog has developed a bond with Nami. He wonders if he is worthy of the title ‘servant’, but Nami corrects him and says he should be a ‘partner’.
  • A heart-warming moment to see Zeus find his identity and develop a meaningful relationship with Nami.
  • Tama is under danger when Speed wants to take her away.
  • With the recent betrayal, the battle has become more even. The Straw Hats do stand a high chance to win the match.
  • Who’s Who shouldn’t be left alive, he is too dangerous.
  • Jinbei is taking up the mantle to defeat Who’s Who.
  • The match is clearly one sided. Who’s Who is standing no chance.
  • He is gravely injured, and bleeding profusely. But he gives a very enigmatic statement.
  • To save all the enslaved people in the world. This is very strange especially since it is directed to the mysterious Nika.
  • Jinbei ends the fight, with a massive attack.
  • This collapses the whole pillar and the entire structure is collapsing.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Theories

Luffy is out of action in this chapter as well. But netizens are trying to decode what Who’s Who meant. Nika, is too mysterious to understand as well. The last few chapters are interesting but too many characters are added. As many readers are sharing their confusion and also their excitement that One Piece is back on track.


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