One Coin, Much Drama: OneCoin Ponzi Scheme lives as a TV program


The co-founder of the cryptocurrency-inspired Ponzi scheme OneCoin is accused of fraud and money laundering in her absence – but is now becoming a film star.

As Deadline announced in February in Hollywood. 4, an American production company has won the rights to a podcast about Ruja Ignatova, originally broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the UK.

“The Missing Cryptoqueen” charted the rise, fall and disappearance of Ignatova and saw 3.5 million downloads in four months when it went live in 2019.

Now New Regency Television is turning the podcast into a full-fledged television drama.

“I hope it will continue to be known worldwide about OneCoin,” tweette producer and co-writer, Georgia Catt, following the news.

Ignatova is currently in hiding while prosecutors sue her and her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, for multiple forms of fraud and money laundering. Konstantin has already been guilty of the charge and is facing up to 90 years in prison.

OneCoin cheated investors of around $ 5 billion in total, which already generated suspicions about its activities in 2015.

This year, the successes of OneCoin remain relevant for cryptocurrency participants, because skepticism arises around other operations that have given rise to red flags for many. In particular, Hex (HEX), an altcoin that promises huge returns for investors but has lost almost all its value over the course of a few months, remains the center of attention.

In January I noticed that a single HEX token was worth less than a single Bitcoin satoshi, an unenviable award that it retains to this day.

Richard Heart, the self-proclaimed maker of Hex, denies allegations that the project is in any way unfair.

Unlike Hex, OneCoin was never a cryptocurrency, because its managers had complete control over the exchange and could not prove the existence of necessary indicators such as market capitalization.

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