Now, don’t break your back for pension


Bhubaneswar: The state government has asked all state departments to ensure that pensioners get their pension amount disbursed on the day of their retirement and has asked all officials to comply with the order of the government.

This comes in the wake of constant complaints from pensioners regarding their multiple visits to government offices post retirement to ensure completion of their documentation to get their pension. With the new order, the government has tried to streamline the pension process.

The nodal department which caters to the old-age pension, disability pensions and other forms of pensions—the state Department of Social Security and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SSEPD)— has also asked all district-level employees of their department to ensure timely dispensation of pension.

In a latest communication to the District Social Security Offices (DSSOs) and others, the SSEPD had demanded strict adherence. The department, in its letter to all the Collectors, also reminded about the smooth rollout of the new government order.

In a letter to all the Collectors, the SSEPD department said, “…You are requested to impress upon all concerned officers of Odisha Social Security Service (BSSOs/SSSOs/DSSOs) and the concerned head of offices (DSSOs) to process pension papers of the officers/employees who have already retired or shall shortly retire from government service and furnish the same to this department by February 10 positively for further action at this end.”

The department also told the Collectors that in any case of defiance of government orders which could delay in the disbursement of pensions, the concerned officials might face strict disciplinary action.

The communication from the SSEPD department to the Collectors said, “It is further impressed that disciplinary action may be initiated against the officers/heads of offices who fail to furnish the pension papers within the time frame as mentioned in the circular.”

The state government recently tried to revamp their pension disbursement procedure by introducing online system to tackle delay in pension disbursements and completion of pension formalities.


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