Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and Everything We Know!


Noughts and Crosses has been created ripples of positive response as soon as it released. The show has been approved by both the audience as well as the critics. Its unique base has been sensational and the audience have embraced the concept with open arms. The show has been based on the eponymous novel which has been written by Malorie Blackman. Two lovers who come from contrasting sides of the class system fall in love and thus begins Noughts and Crosses.

Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Release Date

Noughts and Crosses initially released on BBC One on March 5th 2020 in the U.K and later on premiered on September 4th 2020 in the U.S on Peacock it later wrapped up on April 9th 2020. But the option was available to those viewers who did not wish to indulge in mere weekly viewing could opt for watching all the episodes on BBC iPlayer from March 5th 2020 onwards.

The end of Noughts and Crosses Season 1 was a cliffhanger which gives the audience a chance to hope for a new season. The novel series has three published novels to its credit which gives enough content to generate another season. If all goes well Noughts and Crosses Season 2 is scheduled to release sometime in 2022 in United Kingdom on BBC One.

Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Cast

The cast of Noughts and Crosses is a wonderful amalgamation of actors who perfectly blend together to create a wonderful series. The cast includes:

  •  Masali Baduza as Persephone Hadley/Sephy
  • Jack Rowan as Callum McGrego
  • Helen Baxendale as Meggie McGregor
  • Josh Dylan as Jude McGregor
  • Shaun Dingwall as Jack Dorn

Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Plot

Sephy is the privileged daughter of a Cross politician belonging to Africa while her lover Callum belongs to the section of society who are oppressed and known as the Noughts. Yaro wants to destroy Prime Minister Hadley’s reputation but the Minister saves himself by turning on Yaro and spoiling his image by linking him to terrorists. The Liberation Militia abducts Sephy and demand a huge ransom for her and a resignation from her father as well. Hadley agrees to save his daughter. Sephy and Callum find one another again during this chaos and she even tells him that she is pregnant. They run away from their houses to raise their child away from all the enmity of their lands. Season 2 will show the various obstacles that Sephy and Callum have to face with their racial differences. They are still targets despite their escape.

Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Noughts and Crosses Season 2 has not yet been release owing to the fact that Season 1 premiered rather recently. While we eagerly await for Season 2, lets watch the trailer of Noughts and Crosses Season 1 here:


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