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‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’ Review and Ending Explained: How Did Josie Garcia’s Spanish Classic Netflix Film End?


Cinema has gone past regional boundaries and language no longer acts as a barrier. People across the world have been appreciating one another’s cinema which has widened horizons. Nobody Knows I’m Here is a Spanish drama. The film has been directed by Gaspar Antillo. This film is Antillo’s debut. 

Nobody Knows I’m Here Review

What better in a film than a sensational background score to keep the viewers hooked? The makers of Nobody Knows I’m Here have it all in control. The sound pulls the movie together to make it easier and a smooth transition from one to another. The course of the film might be a tad bit melancholic for some but wait for it…. you will be pleasantly surprised.

The film’s narrative is not out of the blue or something that has popped out of its path for the viewers, not at all. But cinematic brilliance lies in putting together an array of elements in such a manner that they fuse to bring out the best picture. Nobody Knows I’m Here is the right amalgamation of so many elements. It builds on the viewers and they become a part of Memo’s world, a lonely world.

There is a small line between aesthetic and surrealism. Only someone who has a complete grip of their narrative will be able to not bridge that gap. Nobody Knows I’m Here knows where to draw that line and when to not cross over. Images ought to have the right frequency for them to come across in the manner that the makers want. The red lights, gooey liquid are highlighted in the right form which portrays the right understanding to the viewer.

With Nobody Knows I’m Here, we have a star to look upto, Gaspar Antillo. Who else other than Antillo could frame a narrative that not only surpasses normal realms but skillfully inserts amazing visuals and frames that take your breath away. The movie has handled the nuances of a gut-wrenching topic such as isolation with uttermost care.

Nobody Knows I’m Here Cast

The movie stars Jorge Garcia in the leading role while some of the other cast members include Gastón Pauls, Luis Gnecco, Solange Lackington, and various others.

Nobody Knows I’m Here Ending Explained

<<Spoilers ahead>>
Memo always wanted to serenade a crowd. A red light would shine on him at home, a light that wasn’t real but a figment of his imagination. The red light is a representation of his deepest desire. The film showcases the journey of Memo whose talent never sees the light of day due to competition and his weight.

During his childhood, Memo had pushed Casas off-stage. This incident made Casas bound on a wheelchair. The public hates him for this action. They are unaware that it is actually Memo behind the voice of Casas. Memo’s father abandoned him and he turns into a rather awkward person in his personal life. His awkwardness is a result of his low self-esteem. He was initially told that with his body and face nothing would ever sell.

Memo suffered in solidarity for the longest time. But the ending shows him being cradled by Martita. He finally is at the receiving end of love and acceptance which every person should have in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether everyone knows the harsh truth of his life as long as just one person does.

Knowing human nature, it seems as though everyone wants fame and recognition. But Memo proves to be different. He just wanted validation and acceptance. When he sings Nobody Knows I’m Here towards the end, the chances that the show was off air during its break are high. But that isn’t what we need to take away from the incident but the skip in his step post his performance is what takes the cake. The red light that has been one constant in Memo’s journey finally shows its true self, it was Memo’s need for acceptance.



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