New video details how the NRL’s captain’s challenge will work


The NRL has released a new video to explain how the captain’s challenge will work ahead of its first use in the All Stars game on Saturday.

An element of unknown still surrounds the implementation of the new rule, which will be put to use for the very first time when the Indigenous All Stars square of with the Maori All Stars at Cbus Super Stadium.

Head of football Graham Annesley and referees chief Bernard Sutton travelled to the Gold Coast to meet with captains and coaches of both teams earlier this week and clear up any confusion.

The NRL is hoping the video – as well as the implementation of the rule in the All Stars and the Charity Shield between the Dragons and Souths on Saturday week – will help iron out the kinks in the system before the competition starts next month.

“This is an innovation which puts the fans first,” Annesley said. “At the end of last season we conducted a fan survey, more than 20,000 fans responded, and the biggest issue they raised was the impact of an incorrect call on the game.

“The challenge system addresses those concerns and takes some pressure off our referees.

“It also adds an additional element of excitement and tactics to our games. If a team gets a challenge wrong they will have no more challenges so it will need to be used strategically.”

The guidelines involved in the new rule state that only a captain can challenge a referee’s decision. If the captain is off the field, he can nominate another player to take his place.

Each team is only allowed one unsuccessful challenge per match and decisions can only be challenged which involved a structured restart of play – such as a penalty, scrum, or goal-line drop-out.

If the trial of the rule is successful in the All Stars match and in the Charity Shield, the ARL Commission is expected to give final clearance for use in regular NRL matches.

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