New senior advisor for cyber security policy to the SEC chairman


After appointing Kristina Littman as head of the Cyber ​​Unit of the Division of Enforcement in December, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has introduced more new blood into its ranks. On February 13, Nancy Sumption was announced as the successor to Kevin Zerrusen, the former Senior Advisor for Cyber ​​Security Policy from Chairman Jay Clayton.

Nancy Sumption has worked in cyber security and privacy in health care and finance alongside her two decades of public service as an officer and lawyer-staff lawyer in the US Air Force, the US intelligence community and the Department of Justice. In a SEC press release, Ms stated sum:

“I look forward to working with it [Chairman Clayton], SEC staff, fellow supervisors and industry to deepen our partnerships to increase operational resilience and manage cyber risks. “

Ms. Sumption is not the only recent addition that works in the US government to better improve their understanding of crypto security. Andrew Ridenour was appointed as senior adviser to President Heath Tarbert at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in July. 2019. Ridenour worked at Coinbase, the most important cryptocurrency exchange. The SEC also hired a crypto expert in April. 2019, which encourages the agency’s efforts to monitor and combat crypto criminals.

Hopefully, Madam The experience of Sumption in the field of cyber security will help to improve the mechanisms of the SEC for assessing and responding to risks. She is an avid proponent of opportunities to inform others about cyber security, data protection and privacy.

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