Netizens Are Showering Love On Kumbakaran From The Epic Ramayana


Ramayanone of the two epics, has been loved by Indians all across for generations. The older generation has known the crux and excerpts in split stories from their elders or in books. The late 1980s took Ramayan on television and that proved to be a turning point in the entertainment industry. It glued the Indian audiences in front of their TV’s and literally digest each episode with emotion. The recent reruns of the old show of the epic have been a huge success after it aired during this current pandemic situation. While the 1990s generation is recalling their childhood, kids of today are learning about the epic in an interesting way. Some people even post their views on each episode or characters on a regular basis on their social networking sites.

With the use of social media, Ramayan cast is getting a lot of attention and looks like they are getting attention and all the love even now.

One such character is Kumbhakaran. The tired and laidback character is played by Nalin Dave.

Millennials have become a fan of this character as they think he was the most sorted in his life. With the re-telecast of the show, the Twitteratti takes the initiative to post about their love for the character in interesting ways.

Earlier parents and even now, call their kids Kumbhakaran if they are being lazy. It is because of the personality of the character who has an attraction towards peaceful slumber and laziness. During the lockdown, a lot of people have been getting bored and tired day in and day out. Funnily, they have started to relate to this character more than ever. Netizens have come up with various jokes and memes on the internet regarding how relatable his situation is in our daily lives.

Let us take a look:

When Kumbhakaran would wake up in one of the episodes, a social media user pulled out an old address of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi where he talks about the ‘Kumbakaran lift yojana.’

Here is the video and the meme:

Jokes apart, some also think that Kumbhakaran did not receive the respect that he deserved as a character. he was known only for his affinity towards a scrumptious meal followed by hours of sleep. However, though one of the turning points of the serial, he is seen showing a true mirror to his brother, Ravan to get a reality check, even when he knew he was supposed to die. That is a saddening part right here where he was even more praised for his selflessness.

Many viewers empathized as well as felt bad for him. Despite him pointing out the bad deeds of his brother Ravan and how that will bring his downfall, he still keeps his support raised for his brother throughout his life.

One viewer called him “inspirational”. While another saw the brotherhood and unconditional love more powerful than that between Ram and Laxman. One viewer was even taken aback as to how he had a misconception about Kumbhakaran as being just a lazy character but he was proved wrong.

Ramayan was aired as a rerun since March 28. It is aired twice every day at 9 am and 9 pm. As reports say, at present, it is one of the highest-earning shows since March 2015.

Which one is your favorite Ramayan character and why?

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