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Netflix’s JU-ON: Origins Review and Ending Explained: What to Expect From this Netflix Horror Saga?


Netflix has a bunch of releases planned for the month of July this year. With some releases like Warrior Nun already making its presence felt, Netflix is venturing into the horror genre with ‘JU-ON: Origins’. JU-ON: Origins released on the 3rd of July 2020. JU-ON: Origins is popularly known from its existence as ‘The Grudge’ and is a Japanese horror series franchise.

JU-ON: Origins Cast

The cast of JU-ON: Origins includes the following characters playing the lead roles:

  • Yoshiyoshi Arakawa
  • Yuina Kuroshima
  • Ririka
  • Koki Osamura

JU-ON: Origins Trailer 

JU-ON: Origins Review: Too Cliched To Handle?

The Grudge fans would know better than JU-ON: Origins’ plot is pretty much on the same lines of the rest of its attempts from this franchise. JU-ON: Origins is composed of an interconnected/twisted plot which revolves around Haruka and Tetsuya, her beau. The thrills are scarce in quantity for contemporary horror audience. Also, the scares and the chills are not cold enough to set the frightening factor on fire.

Haruka and Tetsuya witness some abnormalities in their house starting with some terrifying noises (not terrifying to the audience). Yasuo, the paranormal expert comes into the picture as Haruka seeks his expertise to solve the horror mystery.

JU-ON: Origins has all the elements of a horror film – high intensity background scores, bits and pieces of scare provoking scenes and a ghost which fails to scare. There is blatant bloodshed everywhere to trigger the gore factor but it falls short in that department too. As cliche as it may sound, the female ghost’s characterization and casting is a big letdown.

In short, there is too much to crib about JU-ON: Origins if you are a genuine fan of horror and taking the very famous ‘Grudge’ franchise to cook up some raw plot such as this fails to impress or excite its fans by any means.

Interesting, ‘The Grudge’ franchise had a series and movie released in the same year which is quite weird. Considering Netflix picked it up is quite surprising and it would be interesting to see if JU-ON: Origins gets a sequel to it.

Rating: 2/5




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