Space Force Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast Revealed!

space force season 2

A year ago Netflix announced the release of Space Force. Ever since then every announcement that has come in the way of the audience has been embraced with open arms. The outline was perfect for every viewer and they couldn’t wait to binge watch the series. The show Space Force is said to be loosely based on the military branch launched by President Donald Trump by the same name. Space Force has been created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels. This is the duos second collaboration. The intention was to bring about the same vibe that they created years ago with Office but on another dimension. An announcement that led the audience to go crazy was the new addition to the show, Lisa Kudrow. 

Space Force released on May 29th 2020. Depending on the audience response it will be granted a second season. But from an understanding of the plot it feels as though the makers have already planned further season.

Space Force Season 2 Trailer

Space Force is a comedy series that was announced by Netflix a year ago. The series revolves around Mark Naird and a group of people who have been chosen to establish the sixth branch of the United States Armed Force, mainly a Space Force. Mark Naird heads this task force and the sole aim as told by the President is to get Americans on the moon again. Space Force is a combination of three parts which come together. Naird’s workplace environment and rapport with his colleagues, Erin’s teenage rebellion and Maggie’s changing ways post decisions being taken for her constantly by her husband. 

Considering the fact that Space Force Season 1 has just released, there has been no official trailer released for Space Force Season 2. Until then watch the trailer of Space Force Season 1 here:

Space Force Season 2 Plot

Space Force is the story of how Carell’s character, Mark Naird is chosen to run a new branch of the military. Mark is initially unsure about the decision but takes it anyway. He and his family make a big move to a remote base set in Colorado. The White House requires him and his team to get the Americans to the moon yet again but this rapid at a much more rapid pace as they need to acquire global dominance. Lisa Kudrow plays the part of Carell’s wife, Maggie. Maggie Naird has always suppressed herself in comparison to her husbands’ desires. But when he takes the biggest decision of their lives for their family based on only him, she doesn’t seem to comply.

The makers have tried to put across the fact that despite whatever the rank a person may have or however powerful they may be, human nature tends to lean towards the pettiness of situations always. The first season of Space Force mainly deals with calculating the flight path and determining the weather during launch. This proves that the makers have a long way to go and assures the possibility of further seasons. Season 1 of Space Force set the foundation, Season 2 of Space Force will deal with other aspect that the task force will undertake to make their mission successful and the lack of productive help that comes from the White House as well.

Space Force Season 2 Cast

Space Force Season 2 will mostly have the same characters that it had in Season 1. Season 2 of Space Force might have additional characters but the main characters will continue to be the same. 

Steve Carell will reprise his role as the boss even this time around. Carell plays Gen. Mark R. Naird. Naird is given the daunting task of creating a task force right from the grassroots’ level. He has to bow down to the whims and fancies of an unseen but constantly heard president. 

Lisa Kudrow as Maggie Naird, Carell’s wife. Diana Silvers plays their daughter Erin. 

Naird is the head of the military section of the task force. Other characters in the series are played by John Malkovich who plays head of rocket science Dr. Adrian Mallory. 

The insufferable media manager is F. Tony Scarapiducci  played by Ben Schwartz. The second in command scientist, Dr. Chan Kaifang is played by Jimmy O.Yang. Space Force Season 2 marks the last outing of comedian Fred Willard who died this May. Willard played the role of Naird’s father. 

How to watch Space Force Season 2?

Space Force marked the reunion of Steve Carell and Greg Daniels. The attempt to bring in the same vibe they created with Office but this time around in a new dimension. Space Force’s streaming rights have been given to Netflix and it will only be available on Netflix to watch. Since Space Force Season 1 streamed solely on Netflix, it is expected that Space Force Season 2 will continue to do so. 

 To watch Space Force Season 2 follow the next few steps:

  • Download Netflix through App store or Playstore. Create a Netflix account 
  • Login into Netflix account
  • Search for Space Force Season 2 (Watch Space Force Season 1 until Season 2 releases)


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