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Netflix The Society Season 2 Release Date Updates: Cast, Trailer and What We Know So Far?


The Society is an American mystery teen drama web series, created by Christopher Keyser. The story revolves around a group of teenagers from high school who went on a field trip. On returning from their cancelled trip they find the whole town empty barring themselves. They find their cell phones cannot contact with anyone but themselves. A mysterious forest surrounds the whole town making it impossible to leave or enter the town.

Once the initial euphoria of freedom fades, they must find a way to survive completely cut off from the outside world. While they figure out the mystery of what actually happened and find ways to survive, loyalties are tested, relations get complicated and power changes hands.  The first season consist of ten episodes and each episode running time is 48 – 61 minutes.

The Society Season 2 Release Date

The show premiered on Netflix in May 2019 as a result of the overwhelming response of its first season, Netflix renewed the show for a second season in July 2019. As the production work began in 2019 itself, we can expect that the second season will be available in late 2020.The Society Season 2 is scheduled to release in December 2020.

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The Society Season 2 Cast

The following characters will be back in second season 2 of The Society:

  • Alex Fitzalan as Harry
  • Alex MacNicoll as Luke
  • Gideon Adlon as Becca
  • Grace Victoria Cox as Lexie
  • Jack Mulhern as Grizz
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena
  • Olivia DeJonge as Elle
  • Olivia Nikkanen as Gwen
  • Salena Qureshi as Bean
  • Jacques Colimon as Will
  • Jose Julian as Gordie
  • Kathryn Newton as Allie
  • Kristen Froseth as Kelly
  • Sean Berdy as Sam
  • Spencer House as Clark
  • Toby Wallace as Campbell

The Society Season 2 Plot Lines and Release News: What Can We Expect?

At the end of season -1 the ‘New Ham’ residents figured out that they are in a parallel universe. In the last scene of season 1 finale we are taken to ‘regular Ham’ where things are normal except for the obvious missing teenagers. There is a plaque on the wall which reads “We remember them” with all the names of missing teenagers inscribed upon it. It will be interesting to see their version as to what happened.

The expedition group brought the good news that cultivation is possible thus eliminating their worry of depleting food stock. We will also look forward to how the group fares under the new leadership of Campbell, Harry, and Lexie. It also remains to be seen as to what Allie and Will do next. We might also get to know who the father of Becca’s baby is! But as we have been told the second season is definitely going to be worth the wait.



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