Netflix Somebody Feed Phil Season 4 – Release Date, Locations and Everything We Know So Far!


‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is all set to make a comeback with its Season 3 on the 29th of May 2020. ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is a food cum travel based show following the trails of Phil. Phil travels to different parts of the world and takes a dive into the world of local cuisines.

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is a Netflix documentary which sets the adventure mode on for the foodie in us. ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is informational and entertaining all at the same time. It gives a lot of sensational sneak-peeks into the foodie trail of Phil. The vibe around the show is sensational and it keeps the audience engrossed throughout the show which has made the curiousness about ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 4 more legit.

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 4 Release Date

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 3 was aired on Netflix on the 29th of May 2020. The entire season consisted of five episodes. ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 4 is scheduled to release in October 2020. The premiere has excited the fans from season 3 to a considerable extent.

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 4 is definitely a reality. According to several media reports, ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 4 is already produced. Netflix signed a contract for ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ for ten episodes of which five episodes were released as a part of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 3. Hence, all the episodes of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ ready for release.

The gap between releases of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 1 and 2 was around six months. Based on this theory, ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is expected to return with Season 4 towards the end of November 2020.

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Host: Who Are the Experts this Season?

Phil Rosenthal, a noted and pumped up foodie is the host on ‘Somebody Feed Phil’. Phil Rosenthal was nominated for the Emmy Awards in 2019 for his appearance in ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 1 and 2. Phil’s vibrance and sense of humor sets the tone of the show which is a winning recipe for the audience.

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 4 Plot: What We Know So Far?

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is a combination of ‘Restaurant:Impossible’ and ‘Love It or List It’. Viewers who loved either of these shows are definitely in for a treat with ‘Somebody Feed Phil’. ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ involves the gripping tale of Phil traveling to wonderful food destinations across the world which in located in the most scenic locations like Venice, Dublin, Buenos Aires, and Copenhagen in Season 2.

‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 3 took us to  Marrakesh, London, Chicago, Montreal and Seoul. Though titled as the Season 4, Somebody Feed Phil Season 4 is the second half of the first season. In the upcoming season, Phil is likely to explore the domestic scene and connect with the section of audience which cannot afford international food tourism.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 3 Trailer


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