Nesco snaps supply to 3732 consumers


Balasore: The North Electricity Supply Company (Nesco) intensified the disconnection drive against defaulting consumers in Balasore, Bhadrak, Jajpur, Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar districts. As many as 132 squads have been deployed for the purpose. Over last four days, the discom has collected over Rs 5.37 crore from 20, 221 consumers.

According to the company, Rs. 7.035 crore is pending with 3732 consumers as electricity dues. The company has disconnected power supply to 3732 consumers. The company has deployed 38 squads in Balasore and collected Rs 94.89 lakh from 3575 consumers. Power supply to 1286 consumers with Rs 1.54 core worth pending dues was snapped in the district.

Similarly, 24 special squads were deployed in Bhadrak who collected Rs 75.65 lakh from 1779 consumers. Power supply to 683 consumers with pending dues of Rs 1.40 core was stopped in Bhadark.

In Jajpur district, 20 squads carried out the disconnection drive and collected Rs 98.87 lakh from 1378 consumers. Power supply to 300 consumers with pending dues of Rs 70.17 lakah was stopped.

Nesco has pressed 27 special squads into service in Mayurbhanj and disconnected 677 consumers with dues of Rs 1.88 crore. They have collected Rs 1. 85 crore from 11068  consumers.

In Keonjhar, 23 squads were deployed. Rs 82.38 lakh was collected from 2421 consumers.  Powers supply to 786 domestic consumers with pending dues of Rs 1.47 crore in the district was disconnected.


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