Naseeruddin Shah Called Anupam Kher ‘A Clown’, Anupam gave him a befitting Reply on Twitter –


We have seen many a times that B-town celebs are being highlighted in page 3, for their gossips and private life which is revealed publicly many a times .

But this time , it is more hyper topic to discuss about the two renowned and popular actors Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher .

The cold war turned into the battle when Shah tagged Anupam as a clown and he also advised people , not to take him seriously .

Recently, when Naseeruddin was in an interview with ‘The Wire’ , he
expressed his views on the ongoing anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protests happening across the nation.

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He quoted about how communalism is rising and why the people from Bollywood are silent and avoid giving their opinions on such issues. He also spoke about other Bollywood actors who are very vocal about their opinions. While he lauded Deepika Padukone for taking her stand on CAA protests, on the other hand, he called Anupam Kher a ‘clown’ for his views. He said:

I am not on Twitter. These people, the Twitterati, and I really wish they would make up their minds in what they believe in. Someone like Anupam Kher has been very vocal. I don’t think, he needs to be taken seriously, he is a clown, any number of his contemporaries from NSD, NFTII can test to his psychopathic nature, it is in his blood, he can’t help it. The others who are opposing it should really decide about what they want to say and don’t remind us of our responsibilities, we known our responsibilities.”

Even in the film industry, the younger actors and directors have risen against this law,” he adds. The silence of the big-name stars is not surprising, he says – they feel they have a lot to lose. But even Deepika Padukone has a lot to lose, he argues, and she did come out in public to show her solidarity.” he further added.

After hearing his comments , actor Anupam Kher turned up with a savage reply .

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He took to his Twitter and gave a fitting reply to Naseeruddin Shah who incidentally is his senior actor. Anupam Kher shared a 1.28-minute video message for actor Naseeruddin Shah which he captioned as:

“My love message for Naseeruddin Shah Saab !!! He is older than me even in age and in experience. I have always respected his art and will keep doing it. But sometimes it would be very important to answer a few things bluntly. This is my answer.”

He being sarcastic to the statement made by Shah towards him and said :

“If talking about me gives you the chance to make it to the headlines for a day or two, I am happy to give you this opportunity, may God keep you happy, your well-wisher Anupam”.

After Naseeruddin Shah quoted that “it is in his blood ” , he backfired him saying ” “..and by the way do you know what I have in my blood… Hindustan (India).. just understand this much..”, 

Watch the video of Anupam Kher below:



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