Mysterious “Binance Cloud” is launched in 10 days, CEO CZ Hints


In a wide ask-me-something (AMA) on February. 7, Binpen CEO Changpeng Zhao announced major plans for the cryptocurrency exchange in 2020. One of the most imminent and least stated was the suggested arrival of a new product called Binance Cloud, which is said to be in the next 10 days revealed.

Exactly what Binance Cloud entails was not explained, because Zhao remained silent during the AMA. However, the company is currently advertising a Senior Cloud Engineer to join the Cloud Engineering and Architecture Team.

The position describes “large-scale, parallel and highly available computing power[r] systems on the advanced cloud computing platform, “and requires someone who” can improve, scale up and automate this business-critical cloud-based architecture. “

How this translates into a consumer product remains unclear, although the answer is apparently only a few days away. Zhao succeeded the AMA by tweeting a GIF of some clouds to increase speculation.

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