Muslim mob in Aligarh attacks Hindu temples, police vehicle, halts traffic


On Monday, several areas in Aligarh, UP witnesses violence by anti-CAA Muslim mobs. As per reports, violent mobs, with groups of Muslim women actively participating, went on a rampage in Uparkot, Turkman gate and Baniyapada areas.

As per reports, three Hindu temples have been attacked by the violent Muslim mob. The Muslim mob had jammed roads and halted traffics in Charkhabalan area too. Commuters and shop keepers in these areas were attacked too. Despite police presence, the mob allegedly kept on rioting and halting traffic from the morning till late afternoon on Sunday.

As per an ANI report, the anti-CAA Muslim mob had pelted stones at police personnel, attacked police vehicles and had even set a transformer on fire near the Jama Masjid, Aligarh. Police had to finally resort to firing tear gas shells to disperse the protestors.

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Aligarh DM Chandrabhushan Singh had stated that women students from AMU were also behind the violence and stone-pelting incidents. The police are reportedly trying to ascertain their identities. Internet services had been suspended in the area.

Reports have stated that despite an anti-CAA protest going on in Shajmahal’s Eidgah area since weeks, many Muslim groups had held tried to block roads and halt traffic in several other areas, including Uparkot. Muslim men were seen shielding gangs of Muslim women with children with them as they shouted slogans and blocked roads.

As per a Jagran report, the Muslim mob started spilling out from Shajmahal protest venue and gradually spread to Charkhabalan and Khatikan chowk areas. Despite police presence, the Muslim mob kept on protesting as they were in large numbers. They had reportedly attacked Hindu localities and even pelted stones at a Devi temple. Locals have stated that the Muslim mob was raising provocative slogans and had pelted stones on Hindu temples.

The Muslim mob, led mostly by women, had allegedly started pelting stones at police vehicles after a rumour that a Muslim youth has been arrested and is being taken to the police station.

Aligarh police had reportedly kept an eye on the violent rioters via drones. Many locals have complained that the anti-CAA mob is getting bolder by the day due to lack of severe action by the police.

Over a dozen people were reportedly injured following Sunday’s violence, including two policemen. The Bhim Army had joined the march by thousands of anti-CAA protestors when they were stopped by the police and RAF.

As per reports, the UP police have booked over 300 people, including 40 named culprits for Sunday’s violence. Cases have been lodged at Delhi gate, Civil Lines and City Kotwali police stations.

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