Mumbai Police Saved A Life Using Their Presence Of Mind And Efficiency On Twitter


Depression and loneliness can be very dangerous Stress, anxiety, loneliness, or depression there can be many problems one might be suffering from. There’s no better solution other than talking about it.

Recently, Mumbai Police via their Twitter handles convinced a guy to not contemplate suicide, moments after the Twitter user took to his Twitter and posted a Tweet on this subject.

Well, the Twitter user named Nilesh Bedekar tweeted to Mumbai Police informing them about his intentions of committing suicide. He also asked the Mumbai Police what will be the punishment for the same, if he fails. He wrote:

“Mumbai Police I am thinking of committing suicide. I just wanted to know what would be the punishment for that. I tried Wikipedia and Google but didn’t get anything so asking you.” 

Here, check out the Tweet:


Mumbai Police was quick to notice the tweet and come with an amazing reply. Mumbai Police via their Twitter reply convinced the guy that problems are a part and parcel of life. Mumbai Police also extended their counseling help for the Twitter user. Mumbai Police wrote:

“Hello Nilesh, Problems are part and parcel of life. Opting for extreme step isn’t solution. We request you to allow vanrai police personnel to intervene & provide you with necessary assistance.”

Here, check out the reply of Mumbai Police:

In another tweet, the Mumbai Police asked for the contact details of the Twitter guy. They wrote:

“We have followed you. Please DM us your contact details.”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Soon the Twitter was flooded with amazing responses from Twitterati, who lauded the Mumbai Police for acting smartly in this situation and for convincing the Twitter user to not take this extreme step.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


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