Mr. Peanut Died So That A Baby Peanut Can Live In A Super Bowl Ad


Mr. Peanut died less than a fortnight ago, and much has already changed since he fell off a tree branch and into a car that then exploded. Despite some reports that the Planters ads revolving around the death of Mr. Peanut would be scuttled because of real-life tragedy (Kobe Bryant’s death), Super Bowl Sunday did, indeed, bring us an ad that showed the funeral for a 104-year-old imaginary legume.

The spot where Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes committed legumeslaughter was followed up by a funeral for Mr. Peanut, and somehow putting the charred remains of a dandy legume in the ground gave birth to a newer, younger mascot: Baby Nut.

Framing a funeral as a party for a baby is the weirdest country music version of a commercial you can possibly imagine, but here we are. The Planters account on Twitter immediately changed its avatar and name to Baby Nut, so you know it’s official. They also posted a “livestream” of the baby legume in a nursery, bouncing about.

Perhaps this legume will give Baby Yoda some competition in the cuteness contest that has consumed American popular culture. And it will probably spark a lot more baby versions of popular mascots as well. Baby Colonel Sanders, you’re on deck.


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