Mourning Kobe Bryant And Your Quitting Stories


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This week brings us a very special Frotcast, in which Matt is forced to get serious and mourn the death of his sporting hero, Kobe Bryant. We attempt to peel back the layers and find out what it is about the star basketball player that so appealed to Matt, a guy who usually only makes jokes about quicksand porn and eating butt. It turns out that part of it was because he was tall, and that there’s a special fellowship among the tall.

Our guests this week are comedians Jessica Sele and Jason Webb, who share their own Kobe reminiscences and examples of how they’ve applied the Mamba Mentality in their own lives. Other topics include Sumo wrestling, morbid parents, that front flap on the underwear, and Jason’s ineffective mission trips throughout the nation’s south. We finish things off with your stories of getting fired valiantly. Please enjoy this episode, because as we like to say on the Frotcast, when you’re here you’re family.

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