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MoneyGram Expands its use of XRP Remittance Corridors • CryptoMode

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MoneyGram is making quite a name for itself in the blockchain industry. The ongoing partnership with Ripple is being expanded upon once again. 

It is a well-known fact that MoneyGram wants to utilize Ripple’s full potential.

Further Collaboration Between MoneyGram and Ripple

That may happen a lot sooner than originally anticipated.

Earlier this week, the company confirmed it will bring its XRP-based remittance option to new payment corridors.

Additionally, the account-to-account transfers will begin making use of RippleNet as well.

As digital peer-to-peer payments keep evolving, keeping a finger on the pulse is crucial for any service provider. 

MoneyGram notes an ongoing growth in trading volume, which warrants bringing this service to other corridors.

It is expected that RippleNet integration for account-to-account transfers will be integrated at some point in 2020.

No further timeline has been provided at this time.

Through this latter feature, customers will be able to move money between bank accounts.

By leveraging RippleNet, it doesn’t matter in which country those accounts are registered in.

The big question is whether account-to-account transfers will leverage XRP as well.

So far, MoneyGram has not indicated that this will be the case.

A lot of exciting developments are happening for this company, that much is evident.



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