Mia ‘The Legend’ Khalifa Gave A Brilliant Reply To A Fan Who Asked About Her First Date


Mia Khalifa, this woman needs no introduction today. 26-year-old, this woman is arguably, the most popular adult movie star in the world. Though she has now bid bye to the adult industry, but she is always on the headlines for some reason or the other. Mia only worked in the adult industry for three months but she has a massive fan following.

Mia Khalifa enjoys a huge fan following on social media as well, where she is very active and is loved for her witty replies and for her entertaining posts. Mia Khalifa has given us many instances of how she handles trolls and those who try to enter her inbox and interact with her. Not just commoners, but Mia Khalifa has exposed even sportspersons as well.

Currently, Mia Kahlifa is happily in a relationship with her boyfriend. But today we will talk about the time, when she took to her micro-blogging site Twitter and asked for some dating tips from her followers. Seems like it was the first time that she fixed her date after leaving the adult industry. Mia was confused as to what she should wear on her first date. She took to her twitter and conducted a poll by writing:

Going on a first date and he said to meet him at a restaurant on Lover’s Lane. Am I leaving alive?”

and the options for the poll were, “Yes, wear poodle skirt” and “No, serial killer fo sho”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Someone asked her as to how was the date? To which Mia replied:

A perfect gentleman who got himself a second date”

Here, check out her reply:

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