Maulana’s says street protests are important to ‘cripple India’s economy’


In a shocking video, one Maulana Abdullah Salim Chaturvedi while giving an anti-CAA speech went on to provide insight into their deeper objective behind the anti-CAA protests. He reveals that Muslims are not actually fighting for their religion or for their identity by opposing CAA they are actually protesting with the aim to destroy or break India.

In a video shared on social media, the Maulana while addressing the crowd explains why these protests, which are being perpetrated by Muslim extremists throughout the country in the name of anti-CAA protests, are important. He says that these protests are important because this would ultimately cripple India’s economy.

He explains how foreign investors investing in India would refrain from investing if they read about such protest being carried out consistently. Scared of these protests, the foreign investors would back out and this would ultimately cripple India’s economy, said the Maulana.

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He said that his fellow Muslim brothers should not back out. “They should continue to agitate until “these two corrupt people (hinting at PM Modi and HM Amit Shah) don’t submit to the pressure”, said the Maulana.

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He furthers that many of their people are working on the ground level, referring to all those Muslim extremists who have been rioting across the country for the past few months, and would ensure that NRC and NPR are not implemented.

In an attempt to provoke the ignorants spectators he says that “in gaddaron ke saamne hum nahi jhukenga” (we will not bend in front of such traitors), referring to the Modi government, and says that they will keep fighting unless their demands are not met.

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