Maulana makes shocking statement against PM Modi and Amit Shah, wishes painful death for them


Rabid Islamism is one of the foremost menaces bedevilling the entire world. In India, Islamic fundamentalists continue to harbour the forlorn hope of establishing the Islamic supremacism in India and routinely indulge in stoking anti-Hindu hatred amongst the Muslim population. Along the same lines, a Maulana named Mufti Shahryar Raza, has issued threats against PM Modi and Amit Shah and has incited hostility against Hindus, a video of which has now gone viral.

Maulana starts off vituperating against Muslim women who are participating at the vigil in Shaheen Bagh against the passage of Citizenship Amendment Act. He says that by recognising the existence of Lord Ram, Jesus, the protesters are indulging in destroying the Iman(faith) on Islam. The video was shared on 9th February by YouTube channel Ghulam-e-Raza.

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“What does that lady in Delhi(Shaheen Bagh) says? Allah also lives in India and Bhagwan also lives in India. Ram also lives in India. So for India you are trading your faith? She says she is Indian first. She is first human, then a Muslim and then an Indian. Intoxicated by the protests, she doesn’t realise what should be said. Everyone has to die one day, whether you die in your own house or in a detention centre. What was the need to trade your religion? Do protest but by protecting your Iman(faith), fight against Kufars but don’t violate your Iman(faith). In such fights against the Kufars, if you were dealt with 2-3 blows, after death you will be bestowed with a better place(heaven) which your 80 years of praying to Allah will not be able to get you,” Maulana said.

In the video, the fanatical Maulana can be seen threatening PM Modi and Amit Shah with a dire fate and asserting that in the next 30 years, Muslims will start dominating the country as their population will swell to 60 crores. Maulana cites deaths of former EAM Sushma Swaraj, former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit to claim that PM Modi and Amit Shah will meet a similar fate in the next 3-4 years.

“A woman like Sushma Swaraj met her fate because she did not allow Sonia Gandhi to become India’s PM. Sheila Dikshit too met her fate. Arun Jaitley died recently. When Gandhi, Nehru, Rajiv, Narsimha, Vajpayee could not escape their deaths, do you think Modi-Shah can? They both will go as well. Why are you afraid? Wait for another 2 to 4 years, Modi and Shah will suffer graver consequences than these leaders,” he said.

Maulana also expressed his displeasure with the recently enacted Citizenship Amendment Act and the NRC. Insinuating death for PM Modi and Amit Shah, he said that anyone who is dreaming of ‘eradicating Muslims’ through CAA and NRC will be beaten by batons and burnt to death.

“30 years from, Muslims will population will rise to 60 crores and if the children of those who dream of an Islam-free India remain alive, they will see that the flag of Islamic sultanate will be waved everywhere in India,” he added.

“Islam is the biggest wealth,” he says adding that this is the wealth which even Bill Gates or Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi didn’t have. “As a Muslim, Allah will bless you with rewards for the pain you endure. ‘This hoor for that time you were beaten up with a stick,’ Allah will tell you for the pains. You will be given so many rewards as a Muslim that you will wish you had endured even more pain so you could get more rewards,” he says.

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