Marcus Smart Offered Some Important Advice To Fans On Valentine’s Day


Marcus Smart is a tough man of good taste. Sure, he loves aggressively defending the basket against some of the NBA’s toughest offensive opponents. But when it’s time to be tender, the Boston Celtics guard proved he knows the way to a significant other’s heart on Valentine’s Day.

Smart spent the holiday chiding fans who want to cheap out on a good meal. He issued this challenge on Twitter on Friday night: put down the phone and go somewhere nice with your loved one. Spend some quality time together in a good place.

“Listen young fellas- if the dinner costs less than $10 or has the words “2 for 1” in it, we gonna need to talk,” Smart wrote. “Show some love tonight. Open the door for her. Don’t mention Venmo. Put ur phone down. Happy Valentines Day y’all.”

Some folks questioned how they can afford a good meal on a normal person’s salary, which is a fair point. But Smart stressed that this is a special occasion, and had no time for haters in the comments.

Another (likely student) asked if he could keep it simple for Valentine’s Day and pay for it with his meal plan. It didn’t go very well.

Popeyes was, of course, on the table but only for desert.

He also made it clear: this is not a night for coupons.

Hopefully, many people followed his advice and did something special. These are important days to show you care, and Smart made it clear he cares about you very much. Even if he’s not taking you to dinner on Valentine’s Day.


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