Marcus Rashford grilled by young Man City fan and taunted over derby defeat


Marcus Rashford had a brilliant exchange with a young rival supporter at a question and answer session with children.

The group of youngsters were given the opportunity to grill the Manchester United forward and one cheeky Manchester City fan put the Premier League ace under pressure.

In the footage produced by BT Sport, the child, donning a Man City top, raised his hand before he asked Rashford: “Can you believe Man City beat Man Utd 3-1?”

The striker quipped in response: “Well we beat you 3-1 before as well!”

The young supporter then asked: “Why do you not like Man City?”

It was at this point Rashford provided an insightful answer. He said: “No, I don’t not like Man City.

“It’s obviously difficult because there are people in my family that support City and it’s just one of those things where when we’re speaking about football we don’t get into that.

“I was always a United fan so as soon as I knew that United wanted me to go and train there that was the end of it basically.

“I just went there like you are about to do now and fell in love with the club from then.”

But despite his rivalry with the Blues, the England international clarified that was unhappy to see United’s noisy neighbours banned from the Champions League following their two-year suspension for breaking Financial Fair Play rules.

He said: “No, I have friends that play for City so it’s not nice to see it happen to them.”

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