Marcella Season 3: Trailer, New Cast, Plot, Netflix UK Release Date and Season 4 Updates!


After Bordertown’s release on Netflix earlier this year, Netflix is back to dominate the crime drama genre with the release of  ‘Marcella’ Season 3.  ‘Marcella’ revolves around the story of former British detective Marcella Backland and her journey in the London Police.  ‘Marcella’ will feature the personal rollercoaster of a life which Marcella ordeals with after her husband quit on her. After two successful and engaging seasons, ‘Marcella’ Season 3 will open to huge expectations on Netflix this June.

‘Marcella’ Season 3 Plot

‘Marcella’ Season 2 aired in 2018 and left the plot hanging on a suspenseful note leading to lots of speculations.  ‘Marcella’ is successfully entertaining because of its interlinked plot lines and the gripping criminal nexus handled by the Maguires. In spite of losing her husband to another woman, an incompromisable loss, fighting a battle against her neuro issues which leads to loss of memory, ‘Marcella’ will be back in Season 3 as a detective in London to make life tough for the killers out there. ‘Marcella’ Season 2 ended with the portrayal of Marcella and her struggles.

She will be back with a bang in ‘Marcella’ Season 3 and the focus of the plot will throw light on her undercover operations to get in proximity to the Maguires and their crimes.

‘Marcella’ Season 3 Trailer

‘Marcella’ Season 3 Cast

The cast of ‘Marcella’ Season 3 will comprise of the award winning Anna Friel in 2017 for her role as Marcella Backland. Apart from Anna, Ray and Nicholas, there will new casts who will make an appearance in ‘Marcella’ Season 3:

  • Anna Friel as Marcella, the detective
  • Ray Panthaki as Inspector Rav Sangha
  • Nicholas Pinnock as Jason Backland, ex-husband of Marcella
  • Hugo Speer as Frank Young
  • Amanda Buron
  • Eugene O’Hare
  • Michael Colgan
  • Aaron McCusker
  • Paul Kennedy
  • Glen Wallace

‘Marcella’ Season 3 Release Date

‘Marcella’ Season 3 is scheduled to release on the 14th of June 2020 on Netflix. ‘Marcella’ Season 3 will comprise of eight episodes similar to its two preceding seasons. The first season ‘Marcella’ aired on ITV. However, Netflix will be releasing the third season. However, Netflix UK subscribers will have to wait for the release of ‘Marcella’ Season 3. ‘Marcella’ Season 3 is scheduled to release in Netflix UK in October 2020.

‘Marcella’ Season 4 Release Date: Is the Show Confirmed Or Cancelled?

As the much expected Season 3 releases on Netflix (except UK), the prospects of ‘Marcella’ Season 4 is being speculated. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic and a delayed Netflix UK release for ‘Marcella’ Season 3, the prospects of ‘Marcella’ Season 4 and its release date hangs in balance. If Netflix agrees to renew the season, ‘Marcella’ Season 4 release date is expected to be scheduled in September 2021.


  1. I doubt there will be a season 4. The ending didn’t lend itself to another season. I would have liked to have seen more Marcella like season one but sending her off the deep end so severely at the end of season 2 makes that pretty much impossible. You will understand after viewing season 3.


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