Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reacts to Mino Raiola’s attack over Paul Pogba


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has refused to engage in a public war of words with Mino Raiola after Paul Pogba’s agent launched an astonishing attack on the Manchester United manager.

Raiola objected to Solskjaer saying Pogba was ‘our player’ and wrote a lengthy statement on social media slamming the Norwegian’s choice of words, saying he is ‘not Solskjaer’s property, Paul is Paul Pogba’s’.

The statement was released while Solskjaer was in the Stamford Bridge dugout watching his side beat Chelsea 2-0 and he didn’t appreciate having to address the comments straight after the match.

Asked if he had seen Raiola’s attack, Solskjaer told Sky Sports: ‘Well I don’t have to comment through the media on Mino and what he says. I can probably speak to him myself, so…’

On whether he would reach out to Raiola, he added bluntly: ‘Probably not’.

He continued: ‘You know the media and you can’t control that anyway and anyone’s got a voice and you can have your opinion.

‘There’s things being said about us that you want to comment but you’d rather not and it’s more clever that you don’t comment on many different things.’

Asked if he would speak to Pogba and ask him to nip it in the bud, Solskjaer started to answer before the interview was ended prematurely: ‘No, no, it’s not my area, Paul and Mino do have their conversations- they want you to stop now but it’s fine.’

Asked again in his press conference if he had a response, Solskjaer said: ‘No, not at all, no comment. People can say whatever they want in the world today on social media and it makes headlines. I don’t really need to say anything.’

On the timing of Raiola’s remarks, he said: ‘It didn’t seem to bother any of our players or anyone, so I’m not going to comment on that, no.’

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