Man carries father’s body to Swargadwar in car trunk, locals appalled 


Puri: Locals near Swargadwar, inured to witness dead bodies reaching in hearses and occasionally in processions, were Saturday horrified to witness a man bring his father’s body stuffed in a car’s boot.

Many at the place took strong objection to the body being handled disrespectfully and gave an earful to a man accompanying the corpse – who later turned out to be the son of the deceased.

“The body was stuffed inside the car trunk as if it was some luggage. We saw him opening the trunk and trying to pull out the body. Upon enquiring, we figured out that the mortal remains were that of the man’s father and that they were from Cuttack,” said a local shop owner.

Aghast over the sheer lack of respect for the deceased, locals and others gathered at Swargadwar hurled invectives at the man and his other relatives.

“A person sacrifices his entire life in bringing up his children. How justifiable it is for a son to mete out such a treatment to his deceased father,” wondered another man at Swargadwar while adding, “If he was not capable to hire a hearse, he should have instead performed his father’s final rites at his village cremation ground.”



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