Man asks Mumbai Police the Penalty for Suicide, What Mumbai Police did Next is Commendable –


With increasing stress in our lives, it is more important than ever that we focus on our mental well-being. Sometimes, extreme stress or loneliness could push people into depression.

In those tough moments, while many shy away from asking support, it is more important than ever to seek help. Sometimes, even talking to our loved ones can be very helpful in getting rid of distressful thoughts.

Recently, a man tweeted to Mumbai police’s official twitter handle asking them about the punishment for committing suicide. He tweeted the Mumbai police informing them about his intention to commit suicide and inquiring about the legal punishment set down for committing suicide.

But, without wasting a moment, Mumbai Police followed up with the 39-year-old man and asked him to share his contact details.

Mumbai police reached out to him and counseled him not to take such an extreme step.

Mumbai police’s timely intervention possibly saved the life of this 39-year-old. After the online conversation, the man provided the police with his contact details. And, as per Business Standard, the inspector Mahesh Nivetkar from Vanrai police station paid a visit to his home.

Even many netizens came forward to offer their support and requested the man to stay calm.

Some suggested him to talk to his loved ones.

The man later not only received counseling but was also subjected to a medical test before being sent home. In his last tweet, he thanked the Mumbai police for saving his life.

We hope this 39-year-old man will receive all the required support to fight back depression and his suicidal thoughts.

We also want to applaud Mumbai Police and supportive netizens, who came forward not only to offer their help but also counseled the man to change his mind.



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