Madhya Pradesh: Police officer charged with kidnapping and rape after he assaults his wife when she confronts him about illicit affair


A case of kidnapping and rape has been registered against Madhya Pradesh’s Gadhwani Police station in charge Narendra Suryawanshi after a video of him assaulting his wife went viral on social media.

In a video shot on 11th February 2020, Suryawanshi can be seen pulling his wife by her hair and beating her up as others around him tried to restrain him. His wife had allegedly confronted him about his illicit relationship with another woman.

As per reports, Suryawanshi’s family lives in Indore while he stays in Gandhwani in official quarters. When his wife was tipped off about his alleged illicit affair, she reached Gandhwani and confronted him. This escalated the matters and Suryawanshi started beating up his wife. Soon police came in and controlled the situation.

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