Madhav Sharma Exposed Dhruv Rathee’s Biggest Self Goal On Coronavirus


On Monday, the World Health Organization lauded the efforts of the Indian government by calling the measures taken by them as ‘robust and comprehensive’ after a complete lockdown has been announced in almost all parts of the nation. Dr. Roderico Ofrin, Regional Emergencies Director of WHO, released a statement, that read:

“India has been rolling out a comprehensive and robust response to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19. Its latest announcements related to quarantine and social distancing measures, including recent lockdown of 75 affected districts, suspension of rail, inter-state bus services, and metro services are initiatives of unprecedented scale and reflect the country’s resolve to prevent the spread of the pandemic.”

After a successful social curfew on March 22, the Indian government has announced a complete lockdown all around the country in order to contain the disease from spreading. As the number of Coronavirus infected people has reached 500 on social media, the government has been taking strictest actions.

Meanwhile, on social media, there are many who are demeaning the efforts of the Indian government and the steps taken by them even in this crucial time when the whole world is struggling with the pandemic.

Recently, Dhruv Rathee a popular YouTuber took released a video where he can be seen saying “Corona virus won’t spread outside China, we need not worry”.  However, the video has now backfired on him and he is getting trolled on social media for trying to become ‘the jack of all trades’.

After getting badly trolled on social media, Dhruv Rathee has now took to twitter and gave a reply to all his Trollers. He wrote:

I released a video on Coronavirus on 6th Feb In that video I said that coronavirus was limited to China. At that time, it was true. Now some BJP dogs like Vivek Agnihotri are taking clip from old video and passing it off as a recent statement Watch latest video for updated info

Here, check out his Tweet:

Dhruv also shared a new video on Coronavirus. Here, check out the tweet:

But Twitterati are fuming in anger over how he has been taking advantage to gain popularity. However, a popular Twitter user named Madhav Sharma decided to school the Youtuber by giving back to him. In his tweet, Madhav highlighted how Dhruv Rathee scored the biggest goal by asking everyone to stay light on the matter. He wrote:

This means India was preparing well in advance and trying to spread awareness but you told your followers to take it lightly. This is the biggest self-goal you have ever scored, Dhruv. Stay home and keep quiet. This will be your biggest contribution.”

Here, check out the Tweet:


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