Madhav Mahajan’s song ‘Chann vi gawah’ is trending on TikTok


Mumbai: Singer Madhav Mahajan’s Punjabi song Chann vi gawah is raging on Chinese short-video making app TikTok.

On YouTube, the song has garnered over 42 million views.

“I connect my life stories with the songs I make. This is how I create my music,” said Mahajan, a doctor turned singer.

Mahajan ventured into music production himself as he wants to create music that’s soft and soothing to hear.

“My songs are a mixture of traditional and urban music and can connect with the audience. I wasn’t sure whether songs like this will do good. But when I made Chann Vi Gawah, the audience gave a fantastic response to it,” he said.

The singer has never taken any kind of professional training. He learnt how to play the guitar, harmonium, and other instruments all by himself.

He has had his share of struggles. Suffering his share of a major setback, he struggled with the vocal nodule and had to get it operated, yet he didn’t want to take that risk of surgery.

“I was on ‘maun vrat’ and did meditation for a year after which eventually things started falling in place,” he said.



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