Luke Campbell: I wish Shane McGuigan trained me from the beginning, I’m better than ever!


It’s looking like my fight with Javier Fortuna will be later on in April now – and in the United States.

It’s not been confirmed just yet but it’s looking likely. I’ve been told he doesn’t really come to the UK.

The fight is a big budget and there’s only a certain amount of shows it can be on so it looks like we’re heading to the States.

If he doesn’t want to come here, then I’ll go there no problems.

I’ve been to America before anyway, and I’ve been stateside with my trainer Shane McGuigan before too, so there’s familiarity there.

I fought Adrian Yung in Philadelphia with Shane in my corner and I finished the fight in the fifth round.

To be honest, there are times that I wish Shane was in my corner for my whole career – just because I feel like I have a proper team around me.


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I feel like I was wandering around like a lost chicken for the first two years of my career.

I don’t feel like I was taught the professional game as well as I am now under Shane.

As late as it is, it really does feel like I’ve got a real team around me – who cover everything, they’re professional in everything they do and I think if I had that at the start I could be in a different position.

I’m still happy to be in my position, of course, I’m about to get a third world title shot. And I’m still going to achieve what I set out to do.


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Shane will be a big part of that. He’s always professional, his fighters all do really well, they’re well prepped, always in good shape.

I looked at that before I joined up with him and thought he must be doing something right!

And since I’ve been with him my boxing ability has improved, my footwork and my power especially. People can expect a career-best performance from me against Fortuna.

He’s a very good fighter, though, a tough Dominican Republican. He’s a former world champion, I’m excited for this one, it should be a really good fight.

And I’m lucky that I’ve still got that desire to be the best burning inside of me. The passion is still there.

Until that fire stops burning, that’s when I’ll know my time is up. My biggest attribute as a pro, however, is my discipline.

I’m focussed as ever, the fire is still there and I can’t wait to achieve my dreams.

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