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Limited Edition Supreme Oreo Is Next Month’s $120k Art Basel Banana


The Supreme Oreo is the latest creation from the iconic streetwear brand Supreme. The brand is known for its collaborations on various kinds of products, including that one time they slapped their brand on a literal plain clay brick.

The Supreme Oreo follows that trend nicely. The Supreme name alone ensures that people will be rushing out to buy this red, branded, double stuffed Oreo.

Rumor has it the cookies will only be $8 for a pack of three, but the Supreme Oreo already claims the status of a popularly branded collector’s item. Little information is available on the Supreme site about the cookies, but that only seems to be fueling the fascination.

The Price of An Oreo

While the cookies boast a relatively cheap $8 price tag on the Supreme site, the current on E-bay bid for a package of three Supreme Oreos, sealed is $4,000 dollars. 42 bids are in, and the product hasn’t even officially launched yet.

There are other less dramatic listings on E-bay, ranging from around $30 up into the thousands. They are all wild when you consider it’s a pack of cookies with some extra branding.

The idea of expensive collector’s items to be bought for exorbitant prices and remain unopened is not a new one. It does seem to be escalating in recent years though. Who can forget the $120K banana from last year’s Art Basel?

The Supreme Oreo isn’t exactly in the six-figure range, but the concept has undeniable similarities. Food that costs a small fortune that you can’t eat acquired as a status symbol.

The Power of A Brand

A well-curated brand’s power, especially a brand with as much clout as Supreme, is demonstrated perfectly with these Oreos. An entire market is willing to pay for packages of cookies, that for many will eventually go stale. Because God forbid you open them, eat them, and have them lost their value.

Will anyone even know how these cookies taste? I’m dying to know. Not enough to spend a couple of grand though.

Designer brands, the successful ones at least, know how to get customers to pay for the name instead of the product itself. Most brands do this within a specific niche, usually fashion.

Supreme takes it a step further. Their customers pay for the name on their clothing, but also on clay bricks, cookies, and a litany of other random stuff that would likely end up at a neighborhood garage sale if it weren’t stamped with that Supreme label.

The Supreme Spring/Summer Collection certainly continues that winning pattern for the brand. In addition to the Oreos, the collection also features Supreme Zip Locs, Supreme Polaroid photo paper, and Supreme binoculars.

The collection is available online on February 27th, and will likely sell out fast. Jump on those Oreos fast before they cost thousands on E-bay.



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