Libra Association has established a new steering committee


Facebook Libra Association of Libra Stable Currency Libra Association formed new committee to guide network technical development. The five-member committee consists of leading experts from different companies in the field of fintech and blockchain.

The line-up included: Calibra wallet development director George Cabrera III, co-founder of Anchorage Diogo Monica, Union Square Ventures partner Nick Grossman, Bison Trails CEO and founder Joe Lallouz, and Rick Shreves, Mercy Corps technology director.

The committee will monitor the technical aspects of the development of the Libra network, form a step-by-step plan, set up working groups to prioritize individual areas of research, guide the development of a code base and generally develop the Libra developer community. The committee will publish management guidelines and other related documents by the end of the first fiscal quarter of 2020.

Last November, US lawmakers suggested regulating the currency in accordance with securities laws. Subsequently, the Libra Association silently updated the official document of the currency and removed the mention of dividends paid to early investors. This change not only eliminates the potential conflict of interest between the Libra Association and the end users of the medal, but can also resolve regulatory issues. But while regulators have not given approval and the project has not progressed.


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