Lagaan,Iqbaal,Panga. Bollywood’s sports drama movies that are not biopics


Sports are deeply rooted in the hearts of the Indian
Audience, and thus making movies that are based on sports are definitely
cash-grabs for filmmakers. We present you 21 Bollywood’s sports drama movies
that are very entertaining and these are not biopics.

1. Love Marriage (1959)


In a vintage era, this movie starring Dev Anand and Mala Sinha is a surprise and fresh story where a budding cricketer falls for a girl and loses his interest in cricket. What makes this movie fresh is the new concept of adding sports story in the movie.

2. All Rounder (1984)


The World Cup-winning event makes the sports film popular like never before. In the very next year, All-rounder hits the screen where the protagonist is a star cricketer and trapped into a false case of fixing. It is the dramatic story of a stunning comeback.

3. Boxer (1984)


It is a family melodrama movie where the father loses a fight and reputation in boxing. The son, later on, challenges the reigning champion in boxing to regain the reputation.

4. Hip Hip Hurray (1984)


Prakash Jha started his career with sports drama before making political drama. It’s a story of a computer engineer who also works as a sports instructor. Later on, he became the captain of the football team who has to win the tournament to prove his worth.

5. Awwal Number (1990)


It is a story of cricket where a player tries to replace another in the team. This film stars Aamir Khan in the lead role.

6. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)

It is a movie where different schools races to win tournaments. This highlights the cycling tournaments in the best way possible.

7. Lagaan (2001)


It is a bizarre concept by one of the great directors in India. A cricket match to repay Lagaan between Indian farmers and Britishers.

8. Iqbal (2005)


You see Shreyas’ best work yet in the movie Iqbal that focused on bowling and its ingredients. It shows how a cricket-obsessed deaf and mute boy enters into the cricket field.

9. Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (2007)


An amazing movie on football that tells the story of a Football club to win the football championship. It gets a positive response from the critics.

10. Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007)


It is a film that shows the car racing. In the movie, Saif’s character is a successful car racer who gets off track and fight back to overcome his fear.

11. Apne (2007)


Apne shows the dramatic angel of wrestling where a father’s dream to be a champion and tries to redeem his tainted boxing career through his son.

12. Patiala House (2011)


Patiala House is another cricket movie that shows how an Indian man plays for England. Akshay Kumar wins everyone’s heart in this movie.

13. Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii (2007)

– It is a story where the protagonist gets a magical bat and becomes the cricket sensations. It’s a funny tale and a good watch for kids.

14. Striker (2010)


Finally a movie that is very different as it is based on carrom. In the movie, the protagonist is a star carrom player but loses his passion as he is more devoted to going to Dubai.

15. Hawaa Hawaai (2014)


It is a light-hearted film that unravels the journey of a young child and his journey towards becoming a champion skater.

16. Brothers (2015)


It is a sports drama and a clash between two brothers in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It is the remake of Hollywood movie Warrior.

17. Saala Khadoos (2016)

It is a story about boxing where boxer fails to make big in his career because of dirty politics. R Madhavan gets lots of praise for his performance.

18. Sultan (2016)


One of the highest-grossing movies of Salman Khan is based on Pehlwani and World Wrestling championship.

19. Mukkabaaz (2017)


Mukkabaaz follows the journey of a sportsman who ends without seeing the good light of fortune in the Sports Industry.

20. Panga (2020)


The latest in the list is Panga. Panga is the story of a woman who decides to return to the Kabaddi ground after marriage and motherhood.

21. Toofan (2020)


And don’t forget the upcoming movie Toofan starring Farhan Akhtar that is based on boxing. The first look and poster of the movie look very promising.




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