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Killer Kross Has Officially Signed With WWE


You may have seen him in AAA if you follow Lucha Libre. Or you might recall him as the demented leader of the Rabbit Tribe on Lucha Underground. Or maybe you caught his run in Impact Wrestling, which last less than a year but featured some great matches and memorable feuds. Or perhaps you read the Uproxx interview with him last year. Now, after months of rumors, Killer Kross has arrived in WWE.

The news was officially reported on WWE Backstage, alongside the official confirmation about Timothy Thatcher’s signing. WWE also released an announcement that Kross and Thatcher have reported to the Performance Center.

Prior to the signing becoming official, the Wrestling Observer reported that the plan was for Killer Kross to get a “fast track” in WWE. Whether that means he’ll debut on Raw or Smackdown, or if he’s just going to quickly debut on NXT TV and get a main event push there, is unclear. But if it’s going to happen quickly, we’ll know soon enough.

Killer Kross’s real-life girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux is also at the Performance Center and not yet on NXT TV, so there’s a lot of speculation that they may debut together. Maybe they’ll show up on Raw to ask Bobby Lashley and Lana if they’re into swinging. I was joking when I wrote that last sentence, but on reflection I think Kross and Scarlett could probably make it work.



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