Kaithi 2 – Is Lokesh Kanagaraj joining hands with Karthi for a sequel

Kaithi 2

It is reported that Lokesh Kanakaraj will direct Karthi again after ‘Master’. Lokesh Kanakaraj is directing the movie ‘Master’ with Thalapathy Vijay in lead role. The release of the film has been postponed due to Coronavirus threat. It is expected to be a Diwali release. But the corona threat must be over and the situation is back to normal. Doing so is only possible.

It was reported that Lokesh Kanakaraj will be directing the film with Rajini in the production of Kamal after ‘Master’. This was confirmed by those close to both Rajini and Kamal. Meanwhile, it is not known when the final shooting of Rajini’s upcoming film ‘Anatta’ will be held. After completing the film, he will return to the film Lokesh Kanakaraj. But Lokesh Kanakarajo has completed the work of ‘Master’. If only the graphics sequences were completed, the group said.

Lokesh Kanakaraj is planning to end Karthi with ‘Kaithi 2’ in less than a few days, as Rajini’s dates are never finalized. They say SR Prabhu is ready to make this film. This is because Lokesh Kanakaraj has completed the screenplay for the film ‘Kaithi 2’ in this coronavirus lockdown.

Karthi is currently in the making of ‘Ponni Selvan’. Because the film has so many war scenes, the atmosphere of filming has been created only if the corona threat is complete. The Lokesh Kanagaraj film crew has come to the conclusion that the film could be completed in a few days.

If negotiations on this matter end smoothly, it is likely that after Coronavirus will officially announce the shooting once the threat is over.


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