Jon Lovitz And The Devil Herself Went To Hell In The ‘SNL’ Cold Open


SNL dealt with the impeachment trial in a very different way: by giving Donald Trump layer Alan Dershowitz a hero’s welcome in hell. The sketch comedy show’s cold open brought guest star Jon Lovitz out to play Dershowitz and brought out some familiar faces and big fans of the attorney’s work.

“It’s wonderful to be here because I’m not welcome anywhere else,” Lovitz as he met the devil herself, played by Kate McKinnon. As it turns out, she’s a big fan and mostly wanted to interview him for her podcast, a medium that she, of course, invented.

“You’re not going to hell, you’re not even dying,” the devil said. “I’ll send you upstairs in a minute, I just really wanted to meet you.”

Dershowitz compared Trump to one of his previous clients, O.J. Simpson, which everyone else in hell advised him against.

Adam Driver was also there as Jeffrey Epstein, and there were plenty of cringe moments there, if you needed them. He says he’d “just hanging” and also very clearly said that he’d been murdered. He also complimented Dershowitz for his work during the impeachment trial.

“All we get down here is Fox News and it’s a joy to see your work,” Driver said.

Other people who appeared in hell: Mitch McConnell (also just visiting) the guy who invented Baby Shark, Flo from the Progressive commercials, and Mr. Peanut. Also Mark Zuckerberg is also the IT guy in hell, apparently. It was the first appearance of many for Driver, who hosted the episode and reprised his Kylo Ren in a Star Wars Undercover Boss sketch later in the show. It seems less likely that he’ll reprise his Epstein anytime soon, however.


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