JoJo Rabbit’s Taika Waititi Is Making Another Comic-Based Series


Taika Waititi has a lot on his creative plate these days, as the fresh Oscar-winner reportedly has a sports project and a Terry Gillam adaptation in the works following the success of his Nazi parody JoJo Rabbit. He’s also currently writing Thor: Love And Thunder, which will reportedly head to production in 2020. But there’s also apparently time for a TV show, and it will also be based on a comic. Well, a graphic novel, anyway.

Variety reported that Waititi will helm a limited series on Showtime based on the graphic novel The Auteur, with a big name already attached to the project as the star: Jude Law.

Sources tell Variety that Law is in talks to star in Showtime’s limited series “The Auteur,” with “Jojo Rabbit” director Taika Waititi on board to exec produce, as well as direct some of the episodes. Since the show is still in development, it’s unknown how many episodes Waititi would direct. Taika will also co-write the show with Peter Warren.

There’s little detail as to when it will go into production, as Law is busy with a Fantastic Beasts movie and Waititi’s Love and Thunder is likely to come first later in 2020. But it’s another chance for the Oscar winner to take a graphic series and give it his own interpretation. The Auteur is written by James Callahan and Rick Spears. The graphic novel is a satire of Hollywood, and with Law slated to play the title auteur and an extremely successful satirist at the helm in Waititi, it’s certainly intriguing news all around.

[via Variety]


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