Johnny Weir Net Worth 2020: What is Johnny Weir’s Net Worth Today?


A Pennsylvania native, Johnny Weir has created a brand for himself with his exceptionally artwork that he formulates on the rink. Johnny Weir, a celebrity figure skater has been a part of some pretty tough competitions on ice that have taken place across the globe. Johnny Weir would call Oksana Baiul his inspiration. Who wouldn’t get mesmerized as Baiul on the 1994 Olympic gold medal. From then there was no looking back for Weir. He knew the rink was his sole purpose in life.

Johnny Weir cemented his basics before going out into the rink for competitive purposes. He has created wonders on the ice and made people gasp as he made it look so effortless yet breathtaking. But what add to Johnny’s colorful personality are his equally colorful attires. He wears them with pride as we look in awe.

Not only is Johnny is a sportsman but also has become a known figure in television programs and reality shows. But mainly he has advocated for gay rights ever since he came out as a homosexual and even brought into focus a lot of undocumented gay suicides in America.

Johnny Weir’s Net Worth

Johnny Weir has branched out and become a household name not only as an ice skater but also for his television presence. It is anticipated that Johnny’s total net worth just be an approximate of $4 million in 2020. Johnny Weir’s assets are unknown but it is understood that a huge share of his income has come from activities related to the Olympics. He has also made a lot of money from his association with NBC, around $65,000. Johnny has also been participating in sporting ventures which is a huge buck as well. Johnny Weir did not limit himself to just one area of sports and ventured out. He might be a figure skater but sure knew how to make the best of every aspect associated with it. He has not let the limelight fade and continues to bask in its glory. As long as he remains in the spotlight, the money is going to keep rolling in for Johnny Weir.

Sources of Johnny Weir’s Income

Johnny Weir has been a renowned finger skater for a long period of time. Unlike his idol, he was not able to win an Olympic medal. But he has been victorious in a number of regional and minor competitions. This was during the years 1997 and 1998. In the U.S national championships, Johnny stood third and even went on to become the only junior to ever attempt the triple pixel in the U.S nationals in 2000. He failed yet won accolades for his attempt. Johnny Weir is a known name at Junior Worlds as well. He did have plenty of obstacles on his path but he managed to pull it off.

Johnny won the title in the 2003-2004 season held in Atlanta and even came third in the Marshall’s World Figure Skating Challenge held in 2004. The crown on Johnny Weir’s head is the NPK trophy he won which is his Grand Prix title.

Johnny has been on shows such as Say Yes To The Dress, Skating with the Stars, The Rachel Zoe Project and has even recorded a pop song called Dirty Love. But that’s not all, Johnny is also a fashion and lifestyle commentator. He is extremely well known in the fashion industry and has an autobiography to his name called Welcome to My World. Johnny Weir has also been a part of the 86th Academy Awards.


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