John Fury to spar with son Tyson for upcoming bare-knuckle fight


Not many fighters can call on the heavyweight world champion to help them prepare for a bare-knuckle grudge match.

But Tyson Fury won’t need to be asked twice to help out his dad who is set to return to the ring against ex-bodybuilder Micky Theo.

Fury Snr was called out by Theo last week and accepted the challenge, despite both men being in their 50s.

And once the coronavirus-enforced lockdown is over, the Furys will be reunited in a bid to put together the perfect game plan.

When asked by IFL TV how he plans to prepare, John said: “Purely boxing training. Plenty of running, plenty of sparring.

“I’ve got the best of sparring, Tyson’s going to be sparring me, [my other son] Shane is going to be sparring me.

“We were sparring – me, Tyson and Shane – before he went to Vegas.

“And do you know what he said to me? ‘I’m surprised how sharp you really are; you’re still good on your feet and you’ve still got a good engine’.”

Fury admitted he was surprised by the call-out – but did not hesitate to accept.

He added: “It’s good for me, it’s what I do, it’s what I love doing, and it gives me more incentive to do what I was doing anyway.

“I always keep fit, I’m semi-fit all the time, but now I can up the ante and enjoy it even more, have something to concentrate on.

“I just love fighting, I just love it. Nothing against this chap, but if we can put a good show on, and get a lot of money for charity, and show people we’re not finished in our mid-50s.

“I’m confident in my own ability. Whatever he does, he does, I hope he does it well.

“I know what I can do and I know I do mine well. So good luck to the man.

“If he wants a fight, he’ll get a fight, because I’ve never shied away from a challenge in my life.

“I’m quite looking forward to it. I’m going to enjoy the build-up just as much as I’m going to enjoy the fight on the night.”

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